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Wiltune is 24 years old and lives in Lund. He has worked with a variety of musical forms since the age of 7. He likes to work with his own music (sings, plays, arranges and produces) in Wasa Musics demostudio. His plan is to become a singer - songwriter.

2008 Wiltune is currently launching his big hit "Better". A new amazing song of world calibre.

Vilhelm makes pop songs, ballads and piano music. He has made both pop songs and Swedish ballads which are played on the Swedish radio. He also has a very strong feeling for rythmn and sings in perfect pitch. His artist name is Wiltune. Vilhelm also sings 12 new childrens songs belonging to a soundbook sold in 3000 copies.

About Wiltunes stage performance in a competition. He is a breath of fresh air, with an incredible stage presence and an ability to communicate with the audience. Wiltune singsand people listen.

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