Wiltune is currently launching his big hit "Better". A new amazing song of world calibre, "Better" is the song the great songwriters forgot to write. It was recently recorded in Sweden and is soon to be heard on radio, so stay tuned for Wiltune!

Lots of positive feedback for Wasa Music from PopKom Fair in Berlin 2007. Wiltune is a fresh young singer and has lots of good music, most people said. Wasa Music made many new contacts there.
Being produced right now:
A maxisingle by Wiltune.
A new CD for children with a picture-book.
A single of Swedish songs.
His songs can be downloaded from Swedish web sites.

7 weeks in the Swedish music charts for Wasa Music Dina gon (Your eyes) stayed for 7 weeks in the Swedish music charts. It is a fast and strong competition written by a new songwriting team, Lisa and Joc Lind.
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